Canvas Painting Project - Unity in Diversity

"Unity in Diversity" is coming to ROIC!

Islamic Arts Society has started a community art project that will tour different masjids, schools and events throughout the Houston area in the upcoming weeks. Community members, both adults and children, will get a chance to make their mark on this communal art piece.

IAS volunteers are taking a blank canvass to locations around Houston. The idea is to get Dabs on this painting by the visitors so that by the time of the festival the canvass will be an impromptu painting in its own right. It will be auctioned at the festival.

Art is a common language that binds diverse communities.
The goal of this project is to highlight and celebrate the unity in our diverse Houston community.

Come and make your mark!


Grand Finale of "Unity in Diversity" will be at the 4th Annual Islamic Arts Festival on November 11 & 12, 2017.

*Inspired by the amazing work of world renowned UK based artist Siddiqa Juma
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