Change Agents & Peaceful People UNITED

????Change Agents & Peaceful People mark your Calendars!

✨November 6, 2018✨

The date on which 33 Senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 14 Governorship's will be up for re-election. Be a prepared & an informed voter.

May we all CONTINUE to remind others who have forgotten that our Government and Elected Officials are supposed to work FOR and WITH us.

If you are worried, concerned, angry, disappointed about the direction the government is going... remember to Reclaim Your Power! ✊????❤✌???? We are the change we wish to see and will vote accordingly.

In the face of opposition to our Peaceful Existence, may we continue to have Courage & be Kind.

Wishing each of you beautiful beings peace, love, unity & respect.

#Vote #Voto
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