Christopher Jagmin - Words Matter

"As a self-described documentarian, I try to make sense of what it means to live at this moment in time. The crush of information that storms our screens daily has made life scary, cluttered and complicated. Out of this fast-paced tide of images and anxiety, I try to calm myself with memories and people from my past. But, these recollections, if probed too deeply, are not always soothing and are the source of my latest work.

Words Matter takes an autobiographical journey down memory lane in order to rediscover stories of triumph, celebration, sadness, beauty, hurt, vulnerability, fragility, humor, and urgency. I thrill in revisiting these messy memories that resonate with meaning for me, and possibly, a shared and common humanity".

First Friday - November 3 6-10pm
Third Friday - November 17 6-10pm

Music by Alan Jones
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