CONjuration '17 (Magical Fantasy Con)

Fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings & Other Magical fandoms? Join us for this magical event. Come on out for 3 full days of fun! Lots of immersive experiences, interactivity, games, live music, magic and more are planned! What costume will you wear? What "house" do you belong in? What magic will be at your fingertips? This event has something for everyone; Wizards and Muggles alike!

Only $49 for all 3 days! (Will be $60 at the door - so pre-register now to save)
Student rates - $21-32 (Ages 7-College) and FREE for kids 6 and under!
One-Day tickets will ONLY be available at the door.
*****This is an ALL AGES event!!! Please read the entire description. Share the event and invite your friends!*****

What to expect...

Draco and the Malfoys & other Wizard Wrock bands
CS Marks
Dr. Osborn
Noise Complaint Phoenix Tears Productions
(more tba)

Yule Ball
Quidditch Scrimmages - that YOU can partcipate in!
Hunt for the Horcrux (Choose Your Own Adventure Game)
Wizard Rock Concert
Wizard Chess
Wand Battles
Potion Making
Wand Crafting
Tarot Readings

And Much More to come!!!
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