Disney/Pixar Artist Emron Grover visits the F&MA department

Visual Effects Artist, Animator, and Utah native Emron Grover will visit the Film & Media Arts department Friday, November 3rd at 2 PM in Art 158. Emron contributed to "Coco," "UP," "Inside Out," "Brave," "Finding Dory", and "Pajama Gladiator" and has worked for Disney/Pixar as a cloth artist, a simulation artist, and a character cloth artist.

Emron Grover (Cloth and Simulation Lead for COCO) joined Pixar Animation Studios in July 2007 as a cloth and simulation artist on the Academy Award®-winning feature “Up.” He has worked as a cloth lead on subsequent Academy Award-winning features “Brave” and “Inside Out,” and most recently as a cloth artist on “Finding Dory.”
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