Donation bins on site year round.

Donate your gently used books, clothing, shoes, DVDs, and CDs in the Big Hearted Books & Clothing containers located to the right of the garages.

Donations are weighed and dollar amounts callulated. Proceeds benefit Plainville Living Bread Food Pantry. Items are upcycled and resold/reused.

WE ACCEPT: Gently used books, DVDs, CDs, records, video games, comic books,
baseball cards, clothing, bags, shoes, & linens.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT: Encyclopedias; magazines; newspapers; any wet, moldy, or badly damaged items; cassette tapes; VHS tapes; picture tube TVs; CRT computer monitors.

Big Hearted Books & Clothing sorts through donations to find their best use. The majority of books are given a second life and are reused. Books are sold wholesale or online, or given to groups in need. Approximately 5% are recycled, and less than 2% are disposed of. Almost half (45%) of collected textiles are sold and reused as secondhand apparel, 30% of materials are remade into wiping and polishing cloths, and 20% are reprocessed into fiber materials. The remaining 5% is unusable and is discarded. Local charities, thrift stores, and consignment stores benefit mostly from the usable goods which are either donated or sold domestically. The unusable goods are then sent to rag sorters and processing facilities.

Big Hearted Books & Clothing Inc.
10 Merchant Street, Suite B, Sharon, MA 02067
tel: 781.784.0813| fax: 781.784.0817
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