Drawing Out Your Soul: The Experience of Touch Drawing

Strengthen your alignment with your creative source with Deborah Koff-Chapin.

Immerse yourself in this simple, empowering creative process. Touch Drawing opens a way for inner sensations to flow through your hands and to be externalized as images. You simply roll paint onto a smooth board, place paper upon it, and touch the page. The pressure of your fingertips leaves an impression on the underside. The image is a direct transmission of your being in the moment it was created. The speed and directness of Touch Drawing allows you to bring forth a full series of drawings in a single session. In looking through them afterwards, you witness imprints of your soul in transformation.

Deborah holds a safe and sacred space while you draw, accompanied by gentle drumming, gemstone crystal bowls, and her soulful voice. Simple movement and vocal toning practices will help you open your creative channels. Deep inner time to draw and write is balanced with circle and partner sharing.

If you lack artistic confidence, Touch Drawing can catalyze your expressive potential. If you have experience with visual art, it deepens your source of inspiration. If you are a therapist, teacher, social worker, coach, or spiritual guide, or work in healthcare or hospice, you can develop your own way of using it in your work. Touch Drawing is an integrative creative, therapeutic, and spiritual practice.

There is a $50 materials fee for a full Touch Drawing kit that participants can take home.
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