Fall Camp-o-ree

This Fall Camp-o-Ree is all about fellowship in our district. Walk around & meet with other units. Show others what makes your Unit different. Allow the SPL to plan and lead the weekend of event. This weekend is for your unit to use Scout skills, to build a gateway using poles and the knots/lashings they have been taught, but most of all be safe and have fun!
Leaders Guide - Available online. http://lhcbsa.org/forms/Iroquois_Fall_Camp-o-ree.pdf
Online Registration - https://www.kintera.org/AutoGen/Register/ECReg.asp?ievent=1171820&en=buILI0PHJaJUJaNKI9JRI6OUIlJPJ9NQIjJXJ3PSJlJSKbPUJjKUK7PSKnLUJdM6H
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