First Friday: 'Muses of Mount Helikon V' and 'Afterword'

Join us for the First Friday reception of our year-end shows, 'Muses of Mount Helikon V' and 'Afterword!'

'Muses V' is the next installment of our year-end, definitive group exhibit of inspiring and influential contemporary artists. This annual show is an invite-only exhibit of artists from across the United States, known for being large, eclectic, colorful, and featuring high-level work in the illustrative arts – a loose term encompassing portraiture, figurework, illustration, and narrative, imaginative artwork.

The Muses were Greek goddesses of inspiration said to dwell upon Mount Helikon. In accordance with this classical myth, Muses has no restriction on theme or concept, but rather serves as an encouragement for artists to show their newest and most expressive personal works.

Artist list: Brian Hart, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser, Luke Mack, Leon Loucheur, Jeff Sylvester, Miranda Meeks, Bayo, Daliah Ammar, Lara Dann, Kit Mizeres, Detour, Phoenix Chan, Daria Theodora, Steve Kim, Felipe Echevarria, Nomi Chi, Julia Iredale, and Audra Auclair.

'Afterword: A Tribute to Literature' is a celebration of literature and all the ways it has inspired, influenced, altered, and contributed to our cultures. The written word is the basis of so much that defines humanity, as catalogues of our oldest folk talkes and mythologies, as stories which capture our imaginations and take us away to worlds we’ve never been to before. This group exhibit brings together dozens of artists from across the US to reflect on literature through the lens of visual art.

Artist List: Leanna Crossan, Ryan Morse, Robin Thompson, Devon Bragg, Tom Sarmo, Mike Kloepfer, Clay Brooks, Jeremy Aaron Moore, Laura Imbler, Binni Alfonso, Kelsi Jo Silva, Jesse Nickell, Andrea Fast, Katie Hoffman, Cayce Goldberg, Lindsey Bell, Kaitlin Orin, Marie Conigliaro, Ellie Rusinova, Dymond Starr Austin, Valerie Savarie, Hollie Chastain, Monica Amneus, Rob Jordan, Kaitlin Ziesmer, John Van Horn, Tony Steck, and Brandan Styles.

Exhibitions on view: Nov 1 - Dec 16, 2017
Opening reception: Wed, Nov 1 (6-10pm)
First Friday reception: Nov 3 (6-10pm)
First Friday reception: Dec 1 (6-10pm)

All receptions are free and open to the public, with limited off-street parking and complimentary food and drinks.
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