First Friday Show: I Will Find You

New Studio Show for First Friday but local artist Ronna Nemitz
"I Will Find You"

Artists' reception from 6pm-8pm

“I Will Find You” – a site specific installation at FOUND:RE Phoenix

Inspiration for show/ show statement:
Everything in this installation references water in some way. The sculptural elements are a male diver and a female swimmer.

“I Will Find You”, is part of Amnesia and Other Stories, an on-going multi-media project that examines life cycles of loss and manipulates photographic portraits to visualize the operation of memory. The space between experience and forgetting that experience is conceptually malleable; truth and lie mix, merge, and change over time. Currently, I design public installations and gallery exhibitions around people photography, the visual language of annual academic years, wedding couples, graduates, event snapshots, identification badges, passports, and obituaries. This ubiquitous moment-capturing tradition of my Western upbringing is reproduced, repeated, projected and faded in space. Faces blur and focus, subverting and redirecting the nostalgic nature of this photographic form. “I Will Find You” visualizes that state of being where the photographic moment conceals the context of life that is unbearable or inaccessible. The paradox being that photographs are moments of reality caught in visual form alone, context is left to the viewer, individually and collectively.

Ronna Nemitz

Special thanks to Mr. William Trubridge, Graham’s Neon, and Meltdown Glass for their invaluable contributions.
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