Free School Supplies

PACK YOUR BACKPACK and have lunch too!

We have a donation of over $900 in school supplies from Thrivant and Peace Tree Yoga.

At the home of Ashley and Ryan Adams there will be a Picnic and Shopping Day!
140 S. Kane St. Burlington, WI

Sunday, August 27 from 12-2.

Any family with a Safe Family placed kid or a Safe Family kid in need can come "shop" for their school supplies. We will also be providing hot dogs, chips and watermelon!

If you know you want to come get supplies and have the age and "list" I will do my best to fulfill your needs as best I can. The feedback I have received from schools is that they have TONS of notebooks, folders, pencils, pens ect. at school. It is the expensive stuff such as calculators, backpacks, 3 subject notebooks, scissors, markers and colored pencils that they do NOT get donations for. I am going to do my best to fill the other needs but am willing to do my best for whatever we need!

If you do not have a child placed with you but would like to contribute to this drive please bring materials to our home OR if you just want to join us for an afternoon of being together PLEASE COME!!

It is my dream to never see a kid go to school without the gear they need to start the year off right.

We hope to see you on the 27th!
Ashley and Ryan Adams
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