Get Your Pink On for Kim Sims! Benefit Fundraiser Fri Nov 3rd

Let us tell you about Kim.

Kim is one of our dearest regular customers here at Second Chance. She’s been coming here for years – the customers love her, the staff loves her. How can you not?

Kim is a single mom of 2 young kids and one grown kid. Not that it matters, but her kids are adorable and completely amazing. Her oldest daughter even works here at your favorite watering hole when she’s on break between semesters.

Kim is a DC cop. Let me repeat that: Kim is a police officer in the District of Columbia, which has one of the highest crime rates in the country. In other words, she routinely puts her life on the line for others.

Kim is one of the most loyal friends you will ever find. She has your back. Seriously.

Kim hates Halloween. In 2013, that hate grew deeper when she was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 31. But here’s the thing about Kim: she doesn’t give up; she kicks butt instead. Armed with the support of her children and friends, Kim underwent chemotherapy and a preventative double mastectomy (Kim goes big or she goes home). She went into remission!

Kim’s cancer is back. In May 2017, cancerous cells were once again found on the same side as before: only now it has metastasized to her lymph nodes. Since June, Kim has been undergoing three different types of chemotherapy. She lost her hair, again. She will lose her breasts, again. She will lose her lymph nodes. She will have reconstructive surgery, again.

Kim kicked cancer’s butt once, and she will kick it again. But we want to help her. Between her time off work for chemotherapy and various surgeries, and Kim’s short-term disability only paying 2/3 of her salary, she’s going to need help making ends meet so she can concentrate on her full recovery.
That’s where you come in! We’re throwing a fundraiser for this incredible woman, and here’s what you can do to help:

-Wear pink! You can even wear salmon if pink’s not your thing. We’re fine with that.
-Bring cash! We’ll have raffles galore, and you won’t want to miss out. Make it rain!
-Bring your family, friends, or an interesting stranger in for dinner. Tell your coworkers, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog (our patio is pet-friendly!), and neighbors. Second Chance will donate a portion of our proceeds in addition to the money raised through raffles and other events.
Here are the details:
Second Chance Saloon-Oakland Mills Village Center
15% of restaurant sales from 6-10pm will go directly to Kim and her family. But the party doesn't stop until 2AM!
50/50 Cash Raffle
Raffles for awesome gifts/prizes from local vendors
Live ????- SOULTET 9pm!
Donation Buckets
Come show your support!
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