GGG: God, Golf & Girls 2017 - The EXPERIENCE 2

GCBN presents GGG: God, Golf and Girls 2017

THE EXPERIENCE2: Therapeutic, Transformational and Triumphant

What an AWESOME EXPERIENCE at our GGG 2016 weekend conference! This year's event is once again focused on facilitating a breath taking experience for our participants in three specific areas: Therapeutic, Transformational, and Triumphant

Therapeutic: You are guaranteed to enter the premises recognizing the tranquility of your surroundings; releasing anything and everything that would hinder your peace; and receiving the restoration that will be ministered throughout the entire weekend. You are assured to recognize that we are honored for your presence and our primary goal for this entire weekend is to serve you!

Transformational: We understand that your presence here is an investment in self. Therefore, our entire weekend, from venue; speakers; itinerary; and so forth, has been carefully selected to create an atmosphere that will be conducive for change and growth to occur. We have chosen a seasoned keynote speaker, Mama Jan Smith, (founder of Jan Smith Studios, voice coach to Usher, Drake, Bieber, etc., and most importantly a powerful and successful Christian entreprenuer) that will inspire you to embrace that God created you on purpose and to unleash the greatness that lives within you. Every platform presenter will usher you into a life changing zone; to a new level of awareness of Whose you are and who you are in Him. This transaction will facilitate exponential increase in your recognition of your great God given ability and strength while fueling your passion and desire to be your best you.

Triumphant: You are a leader. You will be surrounded by other leaders that desire more of what life has to offer. The women that you will spend the weekend with are bent on making their mark in life; recognizing that everyone was created for greatness. Throughout this weekend, you, along with other powerful and outstanding women, will be provided an opportunity to fully embrace the greatness that God has instilled within each of us! At the close of this event, you will never again doubt that you are winner. You will talk like a winner. You will walk like a winner. You will look and act like a winner. You will love like a winner. You will forgive like a winner. You will believe like a winner. You will walk in authority like a winner. You will associate with and respect winners. You will follow winners. You will mentor winners. You will serve like a winner. You will think like a winner. You will do business like a winner. You will lead like a winner. You are a WINNER and YOU WILL WIN!

We are excited to greet our returning friends and welcoming our new participants! Now, Register EARLY... like winners do!
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