Guided Chakra Clearing Workshop

Have you been experiencing low energy, anxiety, oversensitivity, or fearfulness?

You may need an energetic “tune-up” to allow your energies to flow more freely.

Chakras are the subtle energy centers within your body that correspond to different aspects of your self (strength, confidence, love, communication, intuition). In this workshop you will learn how these energy centers govern aspects of your life and how to align your energetic pathways to restore well-being.

Clearing and tuning your chakras is something that should be done periodically to promote a balanced state. When your chakras are cleansed, the natural vibrancy of each chakra is restored, so wellness can begin naturally. If you’ve never had a chakra tune-up, or if you’ve recently been exposed to stressful situations, unhealthy relationships or negative energy, the time is NOW for you to take this workshop. You will thank yourself!

This 90-minute workshop will include:

• A discussion and explanation of each chakra and their function in our day-to-day life, mantras for each chakra
• A discussion on energy, and how it impacts on our lives
• A test to determine how your chakras are currently functioning
• Grounding exercises
• Deep guided meditations to explore each of the seven chakras and clear any clutter and non-alignment
• Clearing and balancing of the group by the Reiki Master/Instructor
• Take-away tools to maintain an equilibrium in your energy system

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