Heavy Metal Happy Hour with The Beer Temple

TSIF (Thank Satan It's Friday)!!!!!!
Get out of work and head to your favorite temples of worship!
Let's work out those weekday demons together:
Heavy Metal Happy Hour-every Friday from 5-7pm.

Each week we'll pick a new release and hand it over to Stephen at The Beer Temple who will find the perfect beer to pair it with. You can stop by The Beer Temple to grab the recommended beer with a 10% discount, then bring it on over here! We'll be spinning the chosen album at top volume and offering it up to you also at a 10% discount! You work hard-treat yourself!!

The schedule:
Nov. 3-- Converge The Dusk In Us (Deathwish Inc. label exclusive blue vinyl!)
Nov. 10-- CLOAK To Venomous Depths AND Electric Wizard Wizard Bloody Wizard (indie exclusive colored vinyl!)
Nov.17-- Godflesh Post Self
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