Heroclix - The 5th Element

500 pt, 5 action, Coliseum Age (see below)

At the beginning of the tournament you'll designate a female figure on your team as being Leeloo. This means you will need to have at least one female figure on your team.

- No figures with a base larger than 1 x 1, with the exception of vehicles. You may include a maximum of 1 vehicle on your team.
- No figure more than 150 pts.

Tournament Play:
YEAH, MULTIPASS, SHE KNOWS IT'S A MULTIPASS: Each player will place a Multipass special object on the map at the beginning of the game. When equipped that figure will ignore figures for movement purposes.

ME FIFTH ELEMENT - SUPREME BEING. ME PROTECT YOU: Once per game, if another friendly character within 10 squares and line of fire would be hit by an attack, you may place the figure you've designated as Leeloo in a square adjacent to the attacker, and the attack hit your Leeloo figure instead.

For every two players who buy-in and participate in this event we'll add a 5-figure booster to the prize pool as well as some LE figures!
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