Improv Fundamentals: Character

Class Dates: Wednesdays on April 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23
Performance Date: Friday, May 23rd - 7:30pm

Improv Fundamentals: Character
Teacher, surgeon, kid detective, cyborg, ostrich, Greek God, muffin...

How do improvisors bring such a wide range of interesting characters to the stage? You'll learn how!

Improvisors never know what roles they need to play until they're playing them. In this Fundamentals class, you will learn techniques to create full, complex characters and bring them to life in the moment. Expand and stretch yourself. Learn to develop characters through movement and simple suggestions. Find techniques to ground your work in reality, play to the top of your intelligence, and discover the fascinating people inside your own head. Scripted actors will find this course a benefit to their work as well.

The Mopco Improv Fundamentals Wheel
Each of the four classes in the Fundamentals Wheel offers work on the core tenets of improv through a unique lens. The four classes are: Environment, Character, Narrative, and Scene. These reflect basic skill areas that good improv demands, all using the same core principles. You can jump into the wheel at any point and you don't need to take them in any particular order.

Each Improv Fundamentals and Musical Improv 6-Week course each has a unique performance element that showcases the skills you focused on during the class. You'll be able to show off to your friends and family everything you've learned. The performance is not mandatory but we bet you'll want to take part. Participation is dependent on consistent attendance.
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