Interfaith Peace Pilgrimage (Holy Land 2018)
Join us on the Interfaith Peace Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. Muslim, Jewish and Christian travelers will join on an Interfaith Pilgrimage of Peace. This trip will visit sites considered holy to all three faiths. We will read scripture from each faith as we learn each other’s perspective on the same holy sites. We will eat in the home of Palestinians and visit a Kibbutz. We will learn about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict on an intimate level as we talk with the people who live this reality every day. We will begin our trip with a visit to Petra in Jordan. From there we will stay on the shores of the Dead Sea where everyone will be able to experience floating on the sea. Together we will walk the streets of Jerusalem and visit churches, mosques, synagogues, and other holy sites throughout the Holy Land.
We are in the early stages of planning this trip. Right now, the estimated dates for this trip will be November 14th through the 24th 2018. This trip will be over Thanksgiving week. As much as this may pose difficulty for some, for others this will be an opportunity to take an extended trip using limited vacation days. Price has not been set for this trip but a ball park price will be around $3,500 per person. This price will be all inclusive with airfare, hotels, breakfast and dinner.
If you are considering this once in a lifetime opportunity please let us know and we will keep you up to date an details as we finalize this trip.
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