Intermediate Group Class

A six-week finishing class that focuses on the incorporation of distractions, body position changes and new levels of impulse control to pre-existing skills.
• 6-week class
• Taught at Great Plains SPCA
o Only at Merriam Campus, Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30
• Prerequisite Beginner Class
• Learn how to gain your dog’s attention, even under distractions
• Learn how to improve impulse control around food, toys and other environmental changes
• Learn how to deal with everyday distractions and body position changes when asking for basic commands stay and recall…
• Take leave it to even more real life examples
• Learning stay at a distance and with back turned to the dog. • Learn to ask the dog to back up or get out of the way
• Reservation required, please call 913-269-7595
• Specific class start dates on our Facebook page under events or call 913-269-7595 for details
• Discount for SPCA Alumni

Dogs must have completed the beginner class to take this class.
Dogs with bite history (person or dog) are not suitable for this or any of our group classes.
Total Class Cost $150.00

Call 913-269-7595 for Reservation
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