Intermediate Thai Massage Bodywork Certification Course

After receiving a great base of information in the Basic Certification program, we have many students who not only want to further their practice and education but have a few questions about the previous course information. Here we have the opportunity to ask frequently brought up questions about the practices or mechanics of the “Classic Routine” and postures associated with Thai Massage in general. We will gain more knowledge and practice by;

-Reviewing Materials from “Classic Routine”
-Questions about students personal practices, hangups, discoveries, etc.
-Learn Essential Posture Variations for Side-lying and Seated massage
-Be guided Safely through new Advanced Yoga Stretches and Postures, Abdominal Massage, and Introduction to Walking Massage.
-Gain experience with Acupressure using varying techniques; forearms, elbows and knees
-Deepen our awareness of the 10 major Sen Lines of Thai healing.
-Understanding Hot/Cold & “Therapeutic” Considerations/ Contraindications

If you have experience and a certificate of training at another school, need CEU's and or would like to discuss transferring into our programs, contact us directly.

Basic Thai Massage is a pre-requisite to our Intermediate Training; whether from our school or transferring from another course.

Total cost for 20 hours/ 1 Weekend - $450
$400 Early Bird Registration, paid in full 1 month in advance!!!
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