Jim Knosp & Melanie Garcia

'Hold Tight & Let Go'
An exhibition of work made by Jim Knosp & Melanie Garcia:

Jim Knosp’s work features methodically lined prints partnered beside deconstructed figures and abstract panels. His work shows a deep knowledge and respect for color. This selection of screen prints, oil painting and life drawings showcases Jim’s ability to ebb and flow between the pigments.

Melanie Garcia’s work features a curious exploration in color and form through ceramics and painting. Her joyful and carefree use of color balanced with her sense of form and function creates this vibrant body of work.

Friday November 3rd 6-8pm
Hospitality House's Community Art Program
1009 Market St
San Francisco

At the Reception we will have entertainment, refreshments and an art market run by community artists.

100% Proceeds of Art Sales goes directly to the artist

Exhibition runs till Nov 27th
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