Kung Fu Tournament + Meihua Quan Seminar, Chinese Medicine

Dear Friends, we have rescheduled the event for later in the year in order to make it bigger & better.

34Gen Shaolin Warrior Monk & 17Gen Meihua Quan Plum Flower Fist Disciple Shifu Shi Yanjun first appearance in USA for Plum Flower Seminar + KUNG FU TOURNAMENT Forms, Sanda & Awards Show with Shi Yan Jun and local Kung Fu Schools. + CHINESE MEDICINE

More info and tickets @ http://LostLegacyKungFu.com
will be celebrating these traditional Chinese Arts. Meihua Quan seminar will include: qigong for longevity, stances, form and applications. Chinese medicine booths will be set up for free pulse & tongue diagnosis + information on Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina Massage and more. OCTOBER 13-14, 2018 at the:

COCONUT CREEK HIGH SCHOOL - 1400 NW 44 Ave. Coconut Creek, FL 33066 | Hotel info coming soon...

More info & Registration at: www.LostLegacyKungFu.com
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