Left Coast Forum 2017: State of the Struggle


With the grim racist, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-labor ideology that has grasped much of the nation’s political dialog, the time couldn’t be better to introduce a new platform to West Coast activists and organizers eager to combat this unprecedented reactionary takeover.

Modeled on and partnering with New York City’s venerable Left Forum, the inaugural three-day Left Coast Forum will focus on ways the burgeoning populist uprisings—think Occupy, Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, Fight 4 Fifteen, Dreamers—can mold themselves into a lasting movement to create a racially and economically just world Americans too often honor in our words, but so rarely in our deeds.
This November at Los Angeles Trade Tech, you’ll find speakers, panelists, and fellow activists building upon sometimes disjointed street protests, online petitions, and siloed thinking to create the potent united front needed to reclaim all threatened rights and freedoms.

Join us in mapping out the state of our struggle. Join us in moving beyond resistance.
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