Mag-30 Range, Advanced Handgun Course

The Massad Ayoob Group is pleased to announce the newest live-fire handgun course. MAG-30 Range is a three-day course is specifically designed to bring the MAG-20 Range or MAG-40 Graduate to the next level of their shooting skills using Massad Ayoob’s Defensive Handgun Shooting System. MAG-30 Range is a physically and mentally demanding course. The 3,000 round count Course of Fire is extremely structured for maximum efficiency. Each core technique is trained, skill builder drills are performed and a minimum score is needed for each of the seven (7) qualifications. All five (5) “Standard Speed” Qualifications (from MAG-40) need a passing score of 90%, 270 points scored out of a possible 300 points. The other two (2) qualifications (“Double Speed” from MAG-80 and “Triple Speed” from MAG-120) need a passing score of 70%, 225 points scored out of a possible 300 points. All techniques during all qualifications must be performed properly, within the time limits, with passing scores, to receive a MAG-30 Range certificate or the student will receive a MAG Qualification Update certificate, if those requirements are met.

Each student will need a minimum of five (5) magazines or speed loaders. All magazines or speed loaders must be worn in a magazine pouch or speed loader holder on the student’s belt. Each student will need “muff type” ear protection and eye protection for this course.

A MAG-40, a LFI-1, a StressFire *OR* a MAG-20 Range certificate and current Proof of Good Character are non-negotiable prerequisites for MAG-30 Range.

Tuition: $550.00 (including range fees)

Instructor: David Maglio

In accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations, only United States Citizens with current “Proof of Good Character" will be accepted to participate in this course.
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