Mantra Yoga Immersion: Unlocking the Power of Sound - June 2018

Friday-Monday, June 8-11, 2018
8am-4:30pm daily
Bliss Yoga & Healing Arts, Union, ME
with Prem Sadasivananda

Join us for a four-day intensive that delves into the mystical power of Mantra, Kirtan, and Yogic Deities. This course includes in-depth discourses on the philosophical roots of mantra as well as transmission of proper pronunciation and clear insight into mantra practice. During this program practitioners will examine their own relationship to the indwelling consciousness as it manifests through sacred sound. Each day will include lectures on the energetics of Sanskrit as it relates to mantra, study of the major Yogic Deities and their relationship with the mantras and explore various mantra practices.

Mornings begin with an asana and pranayama class to open the body and enliven the mind. Following this there are both lectures and practical classes delving into the science of Mantra Yoga. Participants will gain an understanding of proper pronunciation, meter, significance and use of classical deity ​and a few Vedic ​mantras. In order to use the mantras as the tools for increasing the vibration of our minds we will add another key component to this intensive​- kirtan (chanting) with a focus on opening of the heart. This module also includes a powerful Puja (ceremony) of focusing one’s intention on the Divine. This module also includes a powerful Puja (ceremony) of focusing one’s intention on the Divine.

This intensive is ideal for yoga teachers or experienced practitioners who are ready to explore a deeper path of yoga and open their hearts through sound. Each day includes a 1-hour lunch break.

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