Mediumship & Psychic Readings with Jess Steinman

Jess Steinman is a well known accurate Intuitive Tarot Reader & Teacher and Psychic Medium. Jess is taking appointments for mediumship and psychic readings, you really must call to reserve your time with her: 413-244-4660 as Jess fills up fast!

Prices are:
30 minutes: $100
45 minutes: $150
60 minutes: $200

Originally a skeptic of this work herself, Jess spent her early years, and into college, studying both instrumental and vocal music. After having what Jess terms as her “Quarter Life Crisis” in 2002, she was introduced to psychics, mediums, and spiritual and energy healing, and as she jokingly says now, “I’m never going back!”

Jess has been reading Tarot cards since April, 2004. She developed and defined her gifts through the careful guidance of Keri-Ann Aubin of Easthampton, MA. Jess' reading style is unique, in that she does not use the traditional Celtic cross spread in her readings. Instead she uses a spread which was taught to her by a friend and then adapted. Jess works with several decks with each reading.

In addition to her training in Tarot, Jess has had the opportunity to work for nationally-known psychic medium and author Suzane Northrop, as well as participate in workshops and seminars with two other nationally-known psychic mediums and authors, John Holland and Patti Sinclair. Jess will often receive messages from energies on the Other Side during her Tarot sessions, and has incorporated psychic mediumship into her card readings since November, 2006.
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