Men's Spirituality Group

Teacher: Joe Chateauneuf
Cost: $10

This discussion group is being formed for men at levels of Spiritual knowledge. From those just starting on their path to those who have attained Spiritual wisdom they wish to pass on to others and all those in between. Men at all levels are welcome as together we will discuss such topics as the meaning of Spirituality, Spirituality vs Religion or any other questions of a spiritual nature that may come before our group. Come join us in this comfortable setting for our private Men's Group starting on Friday Nov 3rd at 6pm.

Meet Joe:

Joe Chateauneuf is a Master Practitioner of Shambahla energies along with his other abilities being writing, photography and teaching. As a Personal Assistant to a growing Intuitive Coach and Mentor, Joe gets to practice his work on a daily basis. Having taught Spiritually based courses in the past, Joe now looks forward to bringing his abilities to the Men's Group. Joe spends his spare time increasing his own knowledge in Metaphysics by taking additional classes of interest. Joe can be reached by e-mail at
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