Miss Heart Of Hollywood International


The Miss Heart of Hollywood pageant is looking for a woman that will be hailed as an international leader and role model. The Miss Heart of Hollywood title will be awarded to a contestant that embodies inspirational and leadership qualities.

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What traits does Miss Heart of Hollywood have?

Creative Kind
Able to Motivate and Inspire

Miss Heart of Hollywood is Beautiful, Inside and Out
Miss Heart of Hollywood takes care of her health and appearance, yet she knows that radiance comes from within. She is not defined by age, height, weight, or marital status. She might be fit and strong, but regardless of her body type, she refuses to let her figure be judged by others. She would rather dazzle crowds with her alluring personality.
Heart of Hollywood will help her discover her best self, and bring that best self to this one-of-a kind pageant.
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You will have the opportunity to represent Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures for one year. Gain exposure for your career by empowering and motivating women, as well as participating in community events such charities and education by bringing happiness and hope to today’s world citizens.

Location for the event will be updated soon.
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