Mission-Uncharted: Wisconsin

Mission-Uncharted events are designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Events mainly feature hiking/backpacking, but combine a multitude of other outdoor activities such as: survival skills, geocaching, orienteering, camping, etc. Teams of two to eight must work together in order to travel a distance ranging from 25-40 miles in 43 hours. These events take place in America's most beautiful and remote National Forests.

The goal of the competition is to be the first team to complete the course in the time given. Along the way will be various objectives that need to be completed before your team may finish the competition. The top three teams of every event qualify to enter our Mission-Uncharted Elite Race at the end of 2017. The winning team of the Mission-Uncharted Elite Survival event will receive a cash prize starting at $10,000! (May Increase depending on total year entrants).

Sign up for an event today at www.missionuncharted.com. It will be an adventure and journey for all participants.
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