National Geographic Live: Between River & Rim

In an effort to share the Grand Canyon’s uncharted glory and shed light on the myriad threats it faces, writer Kevin Fedarko and photographer/filmmaker Pete McBride set off on an audacious and demanding adventure: to transect the length of the canyon on foot. This trek is not the pair’s first adventure together, but it may be the toughest. Along their grueling 600-mile journey, McBride and Fedarko encountered unprecedented danger, discovered unparalleled beauty, and met a number of guardian angels passionately concerned about the welfare of this American icon and, incidentally, about their welfare and success as challenged wilderness through-hikers. Enjoy a rare look at the Grand Canyon through their eyes, in all seasons, as few have seen it before.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017. Add this performance to the 2018 National Geographic Live series subscription to receive a discount on tickets. Visit or call the box office at (816) 994-7222 for more information.

The 2018 National Geographic Live series in Kansas City is generously sponsored by Teresa and Tom Walsh.

Tour Sponsor: Grand Canyon Trust
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