NE PA JR/High School Football Combine 4/22

Elite Gamespeed's NE PA High School Combine and speed, agility, and quickness camp.

JR/High School Football Combine Testing Speed Clinics
Year after year thousands of talented high school football players are overlooked by universities and recruiters. These athletes are often overlooked because they have not been marketed therefore no one knows about them. In order to get recognized and considered for scholarships athletes must position themselves in a environment that caters to their needs. Attending Elite Gamespeed’s combine and speed clinic is a great opportunity to compete and find out where you rank among your peers. Players will be working with world renowned trainers who have the highest success rate in the most recent years of the NFL combine. The top performers will be displayed on the Elite Gamespeed website.

Combine testing participants will be measured for both height and weight, then perform a dynamic warm-up. Following the warm-up, attending athletes will go through six combine tests, as well as multiple one on ones. The six tests include:
Vertical: measures muscular strength and power of lower body
Broad Jump: measures explosive leg strength and power
Laser timed 40 yard Dash: a test used to measure 1st step quickness, acceleration, and top end speed. weather permiting
Bench Press (Only at Elite Gamespeed Performance Center): a test for upper body strength Shuttle run: Test for multi-directional skills
3 Cone drill: test of agility, including speed, quickness, flexibility, change of direction and body control.

Combine Testing and Speed/Agility Camp: During the first segment of the clinic, participants will perform a dynamic warm-up, six combine tests, and one on ones. The second segment will consist of a speed and agility camp conducted by the world renowned Elite Gamespeed Sports Performance Specialists. The speed clinic will include sport specific and position specific running mechanics along with secrets to improving agility and multi-directional speed. Athletes who choose to participate in the SAQ training will benefit from learned key techniques that will help them improve acceleration, linear speed, lateral speed, and, most importantly, deceleration. All attending athletes will be measured for height and weight. EGS has the right to cancel , refund or change the date if there is not a minimum of 30 athletes registered by one week prior the event for combines.

Awards will be given to the top athlete overall and to the top performer in each event.

What to Bring?
Each athlete participating will need to bring appropriate workout gear including: shorts, sweats, and training shoes. (no cleats)
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