NGAN National Millennial Summit 2018

The inaugural event is a four-day conference, scheduled for Thursday, October 12th through Sunday, October 15th at the Dallas Convention Center in downtown Dallas, Texas.


Our country has faced some adversity and setbacks within the last few years that has led to a very divided nation. These challenges are critical to a conversation, a plan of action, and a new agenda of civil rights for all people. Our summit theme is “Enough is Enough: Leadership Can’t Wait.” Invited guests include: Senator Bernie Sanders, Martin Luther King III, Dr. Bernice King, Ava Duvernay, Barack Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

This year, we will focus on the progression and regression of civil rights in America, and how to transform lives from hopelessness to hopefulness. Our summit is geared towards reaching diverse millennials in America to inform, organize, train, and engage. Our program features a variety of panel discussion, forums, and workshops including, but not limited to: environmental protection, policy reform, mass incarceration, community and police relations, and grassroots mobilization.


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