November First Friday

Join us at CAM Raleigh this Friday, November 3 to celebrate our three exhibitions on view and get ready for Exposure Time 2017 happening Saturday and Sunday! (Check out the Exposure Time Party and Portraits events for more details!)

We invite you to explore the exhibitions, take tours led by our Middle School Docents, create something amazing in our exhibition-inspired Creation Station, and enjoy music, food trucks, and more! Admission is free for everybody from 6-10pm.

Exhibitions on view:

Heather Gordon: And Then the Sun Swallowed Me

"I have this terrifying thought from my childhood. One day, without notice, the sun will become a red giant and in it's death throes, will swell and swallow our planet, and all of us along with it. Alive."
A black tape and video installation by Durham based artist Heather Gordon, about the power of a super nova and our inability to escape it's lifecycle.

Whitney Gibson & Shelly Holcomb (Whits & Giggles):
ISP (Internal Service Provider)

Interactive media installation by Los Angeles artists Whitney Gibson and Shelly Holcomb of Whits and Giggles which invites you to reveal whatever is in your heart or on your mind in their 21st century confessional.

Dorian Lynde: No Damsel

No Damsel is the first solo museum exhibition by Los Angeles artist Dorian Lynde. The installation features 18 wall paintings of your favourite princesses remixed as vibrant, contemporary women.
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