Opening Reception of Cubic Fruit Plate by Jon Bafus

Join us at November 3rd (First Friday!) 6-8PM for the opening reception of Cubic Fruit Plate by Jon Bafus!

In the artist’s words:
“All of these paintings begin with a very basic idea of form, and are then constructed one piece at a time in an improvisational manner. The process is spontaneous, yet slow and methodical. The choices are deliberate and determined largely in relation to the preceding choices. The further a piece gets constructed, the more crucial the choices become, and the less room there is for easily fixable errors. Balance, imbalance, contrast, opacity, adjacent colors, and the mixing of both jagged and rounded forms are always present on my mind while building these images. These works are, to me, like constructing puzzles in which I have to design each fitting piece as I go. They are not necessarily finished when the canvas is covered, as regions are often altered or re-done and pieces may be left untouched for long periods of time, but I can tell when they feel complete.”

This reception is FREE and open to the public. All artwork can be purchased inside Shop Old Gold. First Fridays includes Open Studios at First Fridays at WAL, so come check out the opening reception and then head up to see more art and artists in their live/work spaces.

About the artist:
An artist of many mediums, Jon Bafus is a skilled musician and painter who never stops creating. Born and raised in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, he now resides in Sacramento, calling the Warehouse Artists Lofts his home base. With interests in both structure and chaos (and the spectrum in between), Bafus has been involved with many musical projects over the years. His main focus lies within his band @gentlemansurfer. Painting however is another longtime passion for the artist, who paints opaque mazes of color with acute precision, and never tape. This solo show will be a collection of new works.

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