Opening -The Way Out is In/The Way In is Out- Carrie Neumayer

Art Sanctuary is pleased to announce The Way Out is In/ The Way In is Out- Works by Carrie Neumayer. Carrie is an accomplished artist, illustrator, musician, and director for Girls Rock Louisville. Carrie has produced an array of strong, expressionist portraits and abstracts.

" I created this work out of a compulsion to collect and experiment with materials and channel feelings of anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk in a productive way.

For the first series, I visited flea markets, junkyards and thrift stores to accumulate once discarded items and infuse them with new life by arranging them into assemblages. Onto those surfaces, I painted portraits of strangers who I found by combing through stacks of photographs, magazines and newspapers. While my intention was to represent strangers, I noticed that they always ended up looking a bit like warped self-portraits or a mask.

This realization made me decide to get rid of representation entirely. I started listening to avant garde composers like Alice Coltrane, Susie Ibarra, Patty Waters and Nicole Mitchell in the studio while I worked. I didn’t want to hear anything with a conventional narrative or structure. As I listened, I responded intuitively through a variety of materials. The process became a form of meditation that allowed me to turn off my anxious mind and explore a more interior portrait instead of an external one"
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