Paws to Read Program

In partnership with Stratford Animal Control we are pleased to introduce our Paws to Read Program.

Please read the information fully before asking questions. We will not answer email inquiries, private messages or comments that ask questions that have the answers already listed. Please understand that all correspondence is answered by volunteers who work full-time, have other commitments to STARS and their own families. Following directions is a key component in allowing you to volunteer. We are all here to help the animals. Thank you for your understanding.

Adults and children will spend time reading to the animals. This program will help adults reduce stress and children improve their reading skills while also helping the shelter animals by providing socialization, companionship and human interaction. Dogs & Cats find the rhythmic sound of a voice very comforting and soothing.

One Adult or One Child (7-17 Years Old) Accompanied by one Adult. Children under 7 years will not be admitted.


Program starting up again in January 2018.

1. You will be required to sign a liabilty waiver
2. You will be provided a chair or a floor mat to sit on.
3. You must bring your own reading material
4. You will be reading to animals outside of their cages.
5. You will not have contact with the animals and you must not place your hands inside the cage.
6. You may be assigned a dog, cat or other type of animal. It will be assigned and you do not get to choose.
7. Please arrive 15 minutes early. You will not be allowed entry to the building after the start time. The door will be locked. We will be strict on this. Knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell upsets the animals. Please arrive early.
8. Pictures of the event may be posted on social media. Your names will not be used. By attending you give permission to have these pictures used.

Sign up:
Unfortunately, we never know how many animals we will have on any given day. Participants should come to this page the day before the scheduled date at the posted time. We will do our best to start sign-ups at the specified time. Please be aware that we can not start sign-ups until we have a count of the animals and sometimes it will be delayed as Animal Control Officers respond to calls in the community. We will make a comment with how many animals we have under this event and you can post that you are coming. It will be first come first serve in the comment sections. If you get a space we will make the comment "approved". No shows will be disqualified from participating in future sessions.
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