Places We Go

Places We Go will explore the space individuals create from.
The mental/ emotional/ physical/ spiritual place that creativity flows out of and inspires your art.

The theme is intended as prompt for artists to examine their personal practice, and create a new piece of work inspired by their findings.

When you create is it intentional? Spontaneous? Somewhere in between?
Is there a physical place to go that moves you to express something?
How do non-physical realms influence your art? Are there emotional/ mental/ physical states that inspire you to create?

Places We Go will open in November and showcase 20 Des Moines artists who have created new works reflecting their personal take on the concept.

Show organizer bio-

Oliver+james - our space was designed with cultivation and creation in mind. We are uplifted and driven as individuals and artists to grow, practice and share.
This exhibit will be the first in a series of exhibits curated by the Oliver+james creative team intended to push ourselves and our artistic community to share their works and their voice and celebrate connection.

We invite artists of all experience levels to expound on the theme and create a new composition for this exhibit debut. We believe pushing ourselves in exploration of these prompts is a valuable exercise in personal growth and fuels the spirit of creativity in our community.
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