Prince William Sound Expedition 2020

This sea trek will take six combat veterans on a journey of a lifetime. Several of these men have been suffering from the mental and/or physical wounds from their deployments to either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Their journey will take them to Alaska -- from Valdez to Whitter. They will kayak along the northern coast of Prince William Sound, a trip that would normally only take a week to travel the 80 nautical miles between towns. This adventure will be extended to 45-days, as these six veterans venture into every cove along the way. They will be camping off the grid and exploring some of the most remote areas of Central Alaska.

During this expedition, these men will have the opportunity to reflect on their time in service while utilizing peer to peer support. Traveling together will help them overcome past issues and provide the healing that they never received upon their return home.

We encourage you to follow them on this amazing journey! They will be documenting everything -- from the planning phase, through the launch in Valdez and their final event in Anchorage.

Learn about the different wounds our men and women return with from combat, through a documentary of their expedition and the power of peer to peer support. Our goal is to raise awareness of the lack of support veterans are receiving post-deployment and the toll it is taking on those that support them. We will be addressing the issues of the stigma surrounding PTSD and veteran suicide that most Americans want to ignore.

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