Psychic Medium Gallery with Richard Braconi

Mediumship is the ability to be an "intermediary" between this world and loved-ones who have "crossed" into the non-physical realm. In this informal gallery, Rich Braconi demonstrates “Mediumship” in a group setting. Attendees gain personal insight through channeled messages from the Spirits of passed loved ones and friends as well as your Guardian Angels!! Messages are often profoundly inspirational and spiritual in nature!! An atmosphere of lightheartedness and unity of purpose is felt in all of Rich’s galleries. Not everyone is guaranteed a connection with someone who passed but everyone is guaranteed to walk away with knowledge that will expand their understanding of their spiritual self.

- Sign up early and don't miss out! This event has a minimum and maximum number of participants.
- Pay online and check in fast at the workshop!
Workshop cost is $35 (Bliss Members receive a 10% discount).

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