Refresh Fall 2017 Praying Together

At the heart of each Refresh is the desire to bring women together around God’s Word and to strengthen the fellowship of friends. Our November event will focus on the value of prayer – both for the personal growth of our faith as well as the deepening of our friendships.

Here’s why you’ll want to mark your calendar today:

- Our own Diane Krall will be sharing about the deep joys, ongoing challenges, and immeasurable benefits that flow out of time spent with God in prayer.

- You’ve been wanting to better get to know a young mom in your ABF class or that older woman who seems so wise and full of life. Refresh is the perfect opportunity to begin new friendships and build on those you already have.

- The DramaMamas will present a short sketch entitled, “And When You Pray…” Anyone with a sincere desire to be a woman of prayer—and still find time to get the laundry done—will relate to this humorous peak into the prayer closet of a friend.

- We’ll worship together, enjoy a meal together, laugh together, chat together, and learn together.

No tickets are needed but we do ask that you sign up by clicking the link by "tickets" below.

Come Refresh Together
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