Restorative Yoga Training - Hudson, WI

This training is being held at Inspiring Actions in Hudson, WI. Restorative yoga is a practice of letting go, of healing the body and mind. Research shows that practicing restorative yoga can aid in combating stress and PTSD, sleeplessness and fatigue, "monkey mind", emotional issues such as grief, fear, and anxiety, and many other symptoms. Using props such as blankets, bolsters, chairs, and blocks, yoga poses are fully supported, allowing the body and mind to let go and heal. A restorative yoga class is a great option for people who have structural concerns, those new to yoga, or those recovering from injury or illness. With an abundance of modifications, restorative yoga allows every body to reach of state of active relaxation, restoring the body and mind, engendering peace and calm, and enhancing receptivity. For both yoga students who want to expand their personal practice and for teachers who want to add Restorative to their repertoire.

$360 A discounted rate is available for students enrolled in our 300-hour program, and alumni of our 200-hour program.
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