Roll & Restore ~ Therapy Ball Yoga

Come learn how to take your muscle tension into your own hands--literally! This workshop introduces self-myofascial release using therapy balls. This practice of self-massage can be done anywhere from on your mat at the yoga studio, to your desk at work, to against the living room wall at home watching your favorite show, to under your foot while stand at the sink washing the dishes...A versatile, easy, inexpensive way to reduce muscle tension on your own.

Workshop Benefits:
~ Learn about each ball and where they are most useful on the body
~ Understand how this practice differs from using tennis balls and foam rollers
~ about the science behind how they work, and be introduced to trigger points and myofascial release
~ Practice incorporating breath work into self-myofascial release

Taught by Kim Roche, APRN, RYT
Certified in The Roll Model Method ™

When: Friday Nov 3, 6-8pm
Cost: $25
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