Russian River Conclave 2018

The Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are hosting an International Conclave October 8 thru October 14 of 2018. Yes that’s a long ways away but we wanted you to have plenty of time to arrange your schedule and join us. Please mark your calendars now.
For those of you who do not know where the hell the Russian River is,…well, we are about 75 miles north of San Francisco in the redwoods, wine and river country. It’s stunningly beautiful here.

The town of Guerneville, California is the center of our realm (see Wikipedia for all the dirt). We are also known as a LGBT+++ resort area. We are the Key West of the Redwoods. There are many many resorts and even campsites that can accommodate you while you are here. Some of you may want to rent a house on the river and share the kitchen, decks and hottub…!
More info regarding lodging will be forthcoming.

The entire week will be filled with amazing opportunities.
We will have workshops such as:
An Abbess/President Meeting and discussion group.
BOD motivation/discussion Workshop
Protesting/Activism Workshop
Event Planning Workshop
Make-up Workshop
Style/wardrobe/persona Workshop
Posing for Photos Workshop
Fundraising Workshop
Burn out prevention Workshop
Promotions/advertising/social media Workshop
Friends of Bill W meetings. And more

If you’d like us to plan a workshop or know of something you’d like to see addressed in a workshop, please let us know and if there is enough interest, we will definitely try to find a way to make it happen. You can attend any or all of the workshops. Nothing is mandatory.

And yes, there will still be plenty of time allocated for lazing by the resort pool, with adult beverage in hand with the little parasol sticking out of the glass. Good times.

One special event we’d like to borrow from the LA Conclave of 6/6/6 is a public veiling ceremony. We don’t have the Hollywood sign as a backdrop like they did, but we do have majestic redwoods and vineyards that are the colors of the east cost maples at that time of year. Those of you who have never been publicly veiled will have the opportunity to experience this magical and emotional ceremony. Gird your loins…..!!

As many of you know, the Russian River Sisters are locally famous for our monthly Bingo. 2018 is our 15 year anniversary of our Bingo that has raised over $1.2 Million to date…all for local beneficiaries. On October 13 of 2018, we will host a huge Bingo and invite all of our beneficiaries to meet you. Local politicians will also be invited and other community VIP’s and celebrities. The photo ops will be over the top that evening.

Not to dangle a carrot in front of you to really tweak your interest in coming to this Conclave, but why not come to the San Francisco area a day early and attend the Castro Street Fair on October 6th, 2019. Yes, it’s the world famous Castro Street Fair only one day before the start of our Conclave!!! Girls, get it together and come see us. We want to see you!!!!!

Information regarding Housing, transportation, meals and more will be provided to all of you within the next few months. Our Conclave 2019 Committee will be working hard to make sure all of your needs are met…within reason LOL…
So hold on to your questions for now unless it’s something really burning your heart right now. We will make sure you have your answer. We ask your patience,…. We hosted a Conclave in 2008 and have many lessons learned from that….Ask any Sister who attended that Conclave … We had a blast!
Please join us. We love you. And Conclave 2019 is for you!

Sister Nova Nilla of St. Andrew's Crossing
Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Int’l Conclave 2018 Chair
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