Sarahjoy Marsh Weekend: Urban Ashram - Yoga, Love + Equanimity

Urban Ashram: Yoga, Love + Equanimity

Ancient practices are still relevant in contemporary times. Now is the time for our Urban Ashram.
Many people are more stressed and facing more turbulence and fear. While Yoga recommends solutions, it also recommends more deeply stabilizing in our essence, in tranquility and wisdom. From this place, our lives radiate calm and refuge. More grounded individuals create more grounded communities. Join us for a time of deepening our practices, infusing our resilience and fortitude (dhruti and kshama), and lessening anxiety or fear.

In this Urban Ashram, join us to deepen your understanding of and the lived expression of the yogic teachings of Ekanth Easwaran and Anthony de Mello.

Transformational teachers and leaders in spiritual communities, in India and in the West, the teachings of each of these awakened beings are still relevant today. Specifically, we’ll draw on Easwaran’s Bhagavad Gita translations and commentaries and de Mello's The Way to Love. We’ll read their offerings, seeking to embody their wisdom in our practice and in our lives. These teachers forged frontiers that influenced generations of practitioners

Our weekend will include active and restorative asana, pranayama, various meditation and mindfulness tools, and chanting.
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