Sculpture Unveiling: Barbara Sorensen's Siren

Join us for the unveiling of "Siren", a large-scale bronze sculpture by Orlando based artist and Winter Park resident Barbara Sorensen, from her "Goddess" series. The artist herself has generously donated the empowering piece to grace the museum’s Marilyn L. Mennello Sculpture Garden.

In celebration of Sorensen’s Siren, Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant - Orlando will present visitors with a curated beverage, "The Sirens Kiss", and dessert, "Golden Goddess."

Sorensen’s exploration of the landscape as inspiration in her sculptural practice has been described by renowned art historian Elanor Heartney as “poetic images drawn from nature.” Sorensen’s "Siren" is an extension of her ceramic chalices, twisted and formed, brought to staggering heights, transformed from sacred container to a realized figural form, a personal and methodological testimony to formation. For Heartney, the Goddesses specifically express “an ideal of life as a process of continual transformation…Blending the vessel and the female body, these embody s feminine spirit celebrating the generative processes of woman and artist.”

Admission: Free

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