Serenity Gathering 5 Year Anniversary

Serenity Gathering April 27-29th, 2018
Woodward Reservoir - Oakdale, CA
Celebrating The Full Moon in Scorpio

A conscious gathering focused on creating an environment of positive collaboration among like minded individuals specifically geared towards art and music.

Phase 1 Lineup:
Ott. - Kalya Scintilla - Dirtwire - Zion I Crew x lespecial (Live Band) - Stylust Beats - Stickybuds - Tsuruda b2b great dane - The Human Experience - David Block - MerKaBa - Luke Mandala - LabRat

Moontribe Collective Full Moon Takeover!
Dela Moontribe - Brad Moontribe - Ben annand - Chadwick - Myad - Synchronometry - Bellhop - Armando Kroma - Michael Be
Biolumigen - Secret Recipe - spacegeishA - Supertaks - Trev Campbell - Potions - MSVG - Leafygreen ft. Nikkie Nerida - Kev - Morpheus - Sojourner

EVeryman Live & Pumpkin Tribute Live!
Including Free Painting, Music, DJing & Dance Classes for Parents & Their Kids.

- All Performances curated by Nikki Nerida.
- Featuring 3 Stages of Funktion 1 Sound!

After taking a year off from our annual gathering Serenity is back and at a better location than ever before! By working directly with the county and community we aim to create a partnership and venue to call home for many years to come!

This year we have chosen to celebrate the full moon in scorpio because it signifies the time to recognize the power of imagination. Time to move beyond the nightmares needlessly generated in our life and become the captain of our own journey. The time we spend together under these circumstances illuminates these feelings & a chance to act on them.

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