SFJazz Collective

An all-star ensemble comprising eight of the finest performer/composers at work in jazz today, the SFJAZZ Collective’s mission each year is to perform fresh arrangements of works by a modern master and newly commissioned pieces by each Collective member. Through this pioneering approach, simultaneously honoring music’s greatest figures while championing jazz’s up-to-the-minute directions, the Collective embodies SFJAZZ’s commitment to jazz as a living ever-relevant art form. In 2017-2018, they pay tribute to trumpeter, composer and innovator Miles Davis. More than any other figure, Davis changed the sound of jazz throughout his career.

Band Members:

David Sánchez, tenor saxophone
Miguel Zenón, alto saxophone
Sean Jones, trumpet
Robin Eubanks, trombone
Warren Wolf, vibraphone
Edward Simon, piano
Matt Penman, bass
Obed Calvaire, drums


Individual Tickets Go On Sale August 18th.
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