Smash Your Halloween Pumpkins

WE WANT TO SMASH YOUR PUMPKIN! A muscle-bound, professional pumpkin smasher will obliterate your nasty pumpkin or jack-o-lantern with a gigantic, wooden sledgehammer (really). Or YOU can smash your own*. Yes, it will be messy. Yes, it will feel good. Yes, we'll have extra pumpkins here for you to smack-around. No, you won't have to clean up.

Extra pumpkins on-site for purchase with 100% of those proceeds going to charity. Costumes are encouraged., this is TGG Seattle's official Halloween Party for 2017! We'll have 4 delicious pumpkin brews on tap, try a flight of all four for $4.99, IF you're wearing a costume (limit one per customer, regular price for this flight is $8.99). Of course we'll be rocking The Smashing Pumpkins and we may have one SMaSH beer on tap as well. (That's Single Malt and Single Hop - SMaSH!). Or choose from a mere 60 delicious taps of craft beer, cider, soda and root beer.

* Come early if you want to smash your own. Baseball bats and a variety other bludgening devices available. Please do NOT bring your own. It's required that "smashers" are not intoxicated, and a Release must be signed. Kids welcome to the event, but Smashers must be 21 or older.

* The Pumpkin Smash will be filmed & live-streamed

** Rotten pumpkins are not welcome. Please only bring your old pumpkins if you're going to stay and join the event

*** Check-in on Facebook and Get $1 Off your First Beverage
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