Solar Eclipse 2045 Florida

We had a lovely time observing the August 21, 2017 solar eclilpse at Deep Spring Farm, and are looking forward to sharing the next big one with you on Saturday, August 12, 2045, in Alachua FL.
The universe scheduled this eclipse a very long time ago, no problem for us to plan a few years ahead.
This time, the farm is in the path of totality, and totality will last about 5 minutes. The eclipse begins about noon, and ends about 3:00PM. We'll take the day and the night to observe, relax and celebrate to our hearts content.
Eclipses can be a subtle spectacle. It invites us to kick back and share the experience in the company of loving people. We liken it to being in the Path of Tranquility, perfect for yoga, meditation, drinking cold beverages, resting on a float in the spring, swimming.
Thank you for your interest. You are welcome to visit and enjoy many wonderful experiences on the farm between now and then.
Thanks to everyone for your support of the 8/21/17 event
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