Spirit Mediumship, Insight and Spirituality with Rich Braconi

This two hour event will be broken up into 3 separate portions. In the first segment, self-taught Spirit Medium, Spiritual Life Mentor and Medical Intuitive Rich Braconi will provide a 1 hour Spirit Mediumship Gallery where he will communicate with family, loved ones and friends who have passed from your life. People who have passed from our life often ascend to a higher existence where love and truth are their greatest influence. During this gallery, spirits will share details about themselves, their death, meaningful people to them, past moments within their life and often true insight of future events. The spiritual messages that Rich shares are often filled with universal wisdom and contain a profound insight that everyone present will find inspiring and beneficial to their own life. Rich will attempt to read as many attendee’s as possible but there is no guarantee that everyone will receive a personal reading. During the next 30 minute segment, Rich will provide an intuitive response to any and all questions about your personal life and direction and to any questions about spirituality or the afterlife. The last 30 minute segment, Rich will speak about our spirituality that can include universal topics such as: Living spiritually centered; The Language of our Spirit; Our Afterlife; What is Spiritual Will; Intuition; Communicating with Higher Wisdom; Reaching a State of Spiritual Oneness and How to Experience a Co-Existence with God.

- Sign up early and don't miss out! This event has a minimum and maximum number of participants.
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- Workshop cost is $35 (Bliss Members receive a 10% discount).

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